When does auto dismiss to watchface occur?

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  • I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out when the bangle 2 decides to fall back/auto dismiss and return to the watchface.

    When I'm in e.g. Settings, it looks like the stays there even after the screen automatically locks.
    When i get a notification, the auto-dismiss happens most of the time but it can also decide to stay on the last shown notification, which means I will have to unlock and manually put it back to the watchface.

    Is there a consistent default pattern/behaviour? Or could I adjust it to always auto-dismiss, at least for notifications/messages?

  • The behaviour should be:

    • Auto-dismiss new messages unless you interact with the message
    • Auto-dismiss from the launcher (as this can happen if the button gets accidentally pressed twice in a row)

    but otherwise it should stay on the app.

    If messages doesn't auto-dismiss, are you sure you wouldn't have interacted with the showing message in any way? I did merge some changes recently to improve the way it works so if you're running an older version of 'messagesgui' you might find it's fixed now - or perhaps if you have a the new version it might have been broken :)

  • Adding to Gordons reply, some apps have their own timeouts, but most don't. You may want to use the Auto Reset bootloader app. It lets you set a global timeout to the clock face (in addition to the app specific ones).

    The app specific ones can often be configured via Settings->Apps->app name

  • Ok, after having reset everything and poked around in the settings I'm on top of things again, thanks!

    Is there a way to separate calling notifications and "everything else" notifications?
    I'd like the call notifications to be more aggressive and keep repeating longer while the rest of the notifications can have a set time before dismissing.

    I'd also find it useful to set the Unread timer a bit more granular, something like 5 seconds (if not 1 second) steps.

    Then again, I might be an outlier in all this. 🙂

  • Check out the "Settings" sections on readme (aka "Read more...") for Messages and Message UI: https://espruino.github.io/BangleApps/?q­=message


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When does auto dismiss to watchface occur?

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