Issues with firmware 2V20?

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  • I've just upgraded from version 2V18 and I've had a lot of issues with 2V20.
    First I had to do a factory reset to get it to work after updating as the app manager couldn't communicate with the watch anymore.
    After the factory reset I can't seem to access the launcher at all (Anton clock) and the clock widget showed up that shows up when you run an app. Strange stuff.
    So I've downgraded to 2V19 and did another factory reset and stuff seems to work again.
    Not sure what changed in 2V20 but somethings are really messed up.
    Anyone else have similar issues?

  • Hi - sorry you've had issues, that's very strange - especially after a factory reset. Now you're on 2v19, have you updated all your JS apps so they're all up to date? And are you using the normal app loader with Minify apps turned off under advanced options (it's the default)? Sometimes if folks use their own app loaders the tools on there get out of date and can cause problems.

    So far I haven't heard of anyone with huge problems with 2v20 - the biggest issue has been that the OpenStreetMap app maps are (mostly) blank and that's fixed on 'cutting edge' builds now, so I do plan to do a 2v21 release in day or so to get rid of that.

  • 2v21 is just released - I'd be interested to see if you find it better.

    Also, if you connect with the Web IDE, do you see any messages on the console when swapping between apps? it might help to see what's going wrong

  • Hi Gordon,
    I did a fresh factory reset after downgrading to 2V19 so everything is freshly installed from the app store with minify apps turned off. My main issue was weird behaviour I described above with the launcher not working and the Anton clock acting like an app instead of a watchface. Maybe something weird happened during flashing but the checksum was okay so I am not sure what happened.
    I'll do an upgrade to 2v21 now and let you know.

  • upgrading to 2v21 was painless. No issues.
    Maybe something went wrong during flashing of the 2V20.

  • Glad it's fixed! I'm not sure what could have happened with the 2v20 upgrade though...

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Issues with firmware 2V20?

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