Graphics on BangleJS2

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  • Ok, thanks - that's a pain. Just looking at it now and I believe it's an IDE issue with the pretokeniser writing the data wrong - I'll update when I know for sure:

    // external
    (\xD1 \1(\x10\xB5\n\xDD\1\"\2!\x13F\x81B\4\xD0­\x9C\x18\t\x1AF#F\xF8\xE7\x18F\x10\xBD\0­\0);\xAB{fibo:"
    // internal
    "(\xD1 \1(\x10\xB5\n\xDD\1\"\2!\x13F\x81B\4\xD0­\x9C\x18\x011\x1AF#F\xF8\xE7\x18F\x10\xB­D\0\0);\xAB{fibo:"
  • Ok, all fixed! I've updated the IDE and the development BangleApps loader (as well as the Compiler to ensure everything is a flat string) and I think it's sorted now

  • Yes, that works now. However now the Inline C compiler won't work with older builds which doesn't have E.toFlatString (below 2v18). Something like this could fix it?
    bin=atob();if (E.toFlatString) bin=E.toFlatString(bin)

  • Just confirmed that Warpdrive now works with pretokenization enabled. :)

  • Argh, it's a shame having to have a hack for it though as 2v17 is now about a year old. When compiling JS code it works differently (puts everything inline) so I think we need (E.toFlatString||E.toString)(atob(...)).

    I've just put the change in - let me know if it works ok

  • Tested on nrf52840 dongle with v2.21 and v2.16 and both work for me. E.toString on 2.16 is no op when called with atob result which already is a flat string so no reallocation done

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Graphics on BangleJS2

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