Request: Wake on Double Tap (instead of single tap)

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  • I noticed that often times the Bangle.js 2 will falsely recognize something (e.g. typing on a keyboard) as tapping and thus unlock the watch (if "Wake on Tap" is enabled). I read at­r-consumption that the power consumption is pretty high when the touchscreen is unlocked and the backlight is turned on, so it would be useful to prevent those false unlocks.

    The Garmin Venu Sq 2 smartwatch has a feature where it only turns on/unlocks the screen when double tapping and ignores single taps. This would sort out many wrong unlocks and reduce the power consumption.

    Any chance we could get this implemented?

    P.S.: Thanks for this awesome smartwatch. I really love the Bangle.js 2! :)

  • Is it possible for apps to provide a method to wake the bangle.js? This would reduce the clutter in the system >lcd menu

  • This would reduce the clutter in the system >lcd menu

    What clutter do you mean?

  • It's possible by adding an app that adds boot code, acting on the tap event with Bangle.on('tap', function(params) {...}) and changing the relevant options.

    I think.

  • I mean that if we support a lot of different methods for waking the Bangle, there will be a lot of options in the system > lcd menu.

  • Maybe you find this conversation interesting, this comment in particular:­/391667/#17187003

  • Yes, if you copy this code:

    Bangle.on('tap',function(e) {
      if (e.dir=="front" && e.double) {

    And paste it into the Custom Boot Code app:

    Then double-tapping on the front of the watch will wake it up - and you could disable single tap in settings and just leave the button. It could easily be made into an app, or I'll look at adding it to the firmware itself.

    Having tried it here it's definitely not perfect - and you have to be careful not to tap too fast - maybe 0.75sec between taps, but maybe when you get used to it it'll help.

    But as @Ganblejs says false taps can come when the HRM is on, although I guess the chance of them being double is a little less.

  • Thank you kindly! :) having this built into the firmware by default would definitely be beneficial if it's working well! 👍

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Request: Wake on Double Tap (instead of single tap)

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