• I've been looking in to getting Google Maps navigation data on my phone, but I can't seem to get it to turn up. There are no notifications for it, despite other apps working, and I don't see any messages sent to the Gadgetbridge Debug app on the watch either.

    In Gadgetbridge, I've double checked that Google Maps notifications are on, and that navigation is enabled, and both notifications and navigation are enabled when the screen is on.

    Any ideas what I might be missing?

  • There are no notifications for it, despite other apps working

    Do you get a notification on your phone's screen?

    As far as I can tell, the Google Maps app doesn't provide any API on Android, so Gadgetbridge has to find the notification from Google Maps and then pull the relevant info out of it.

    So if you don't see the Google Maps notification, maybe check your Google Maps settings to ensure you hadn't disabled notifications, or check the Android App settings to ensure it has the relevant permissions to show them?

    I know if you long-press on the notification on Android you get options to disable it - but I don't know quite how you go about re-enabling after that

  • Thanks for the reply

    The notification is showing up fine on my phone. I had the "you have arrived at your destination" notification sent thru to my bangle earlier, but still no sign of the navigation itself. It's puzzling.

    I'm running the current Google Play version of Bangle Gatget Bridge too.

  • A relevant snippet of the GadgetBridge log file

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  • Please could you give me a screenshot of the notification when you're navigating? Because we have to parse the navigation info out of the notification we're expecting it to be a certain format - maybe something in your language settings means it's not the correct format and so we ignore it?

  • Here's a screenshot. I use Google Maps for public transport navigation mainly.

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    • Screenshot_20231107-104728.png
  • Thanks - but that's odd. What type of phone do you have? The icons and notification you have there are totally different to what I normally see.

    On the top line of the notification on my phone I see text like: 15 min · 0.7 mi · 09:33 ETA (even when walking/using public transport), and the icon on the right is monochrome, like this:

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    • IMG_20231107_092246.jpg
  • Interesting, I get a notification just like yours for driving and walking navigation, but I get the one I posted specifically for public transport. That is likely the problem. For reference, my phone is a Google Pixel 4a running the standard version of Google maps and Gadgetbridge.

  • Ahh, ok - maybe that's it then... I did try it in Public Transport mode but I think because I'm miles from any proper public transport here it assumed I was just walking anyway.

    So does it work if you try navigating in walking mode?

  • I just checked and it does in fact work for walking navigation, so I suppose that is the problem.

    I'm going to poke at the Gadgetbridge code and see if I can get it working, at least enough for my use case.

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No sign of Google maps navigation data or notifications

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