How do you manage android notifications?

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  • Hi!

    I just got a banglejs 2 recently and it's the first time I had phone notifications on my watch. I'm wondering how do you manage phone notifications on the watch at night.

    What i would like to achieve: Phone notifications and calls on the watch at day. No notifications on the watch at night, but let calls ring on the phone.

    What I normally do is configure do not disturb on the phone and keep it activated always, allowing only calls to ring. The only way the watch has to block notifications is to follow the do not disturb setting but this doesn't work for me. If I turn off the setting, I get notifications on my watch at night, which sometimes can wake me up.

    How do you have your phone/watch configured for notifications? Do you have any special setting?

    My last resort is to make myself a little app that disables bluetooth on the watch at certain hours, disconnecting it from the phone. Some dirty very hardcoded code must not be very hard to program :D

  • I think there are a couple of apps available to manage quiet mode already. Check the App Manager.

  • Thanks! Didn't know about quiet mode, that solves it.

  • Can be even easier without having to enable DnD manually with e.g.­e

    Check out­/388766/#comment17077334 - that is an awesome solution in usage scenario which soulds like yours. With this you can just let the watch sit somewhere and it will not buzz until you grab it and get it back to your wrist.

  • Hi!

    I'm back after setting up this app:­d=qmsched

    At the very beginning everything worked as expected.

    This is very cool because I can set the time to turn quiet mode off to 9am for example, and that only gets triggered on weekends, since an alarm fires up before that on work days. This would be a set up to set and forget.

    Lately I've been seeing that after the morning alarm ring up, quiet mode doesn't deactivate itself. I've verified that, when the alarm fires, the quiet mode is set up to "Alarms" mode. It only deactivates at 9am, with the schedule.

    I would like to ask if you have any idea or how can I start to diagnose this. I can read logs without issue if needed.

    Thanks a lot

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How do you manage android notifications?

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