Prototyping OneWire

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  • Prototyping works fine in Espruino like this:

    function a(v){ this.a = v; = function() {this.a++;}; }
    function b(v,x){,v); this.b = x; }
    b.prototype = a;
    b.prototype.constructor = b;
    var t = new b(1,5); console.log(t.a,t.b);; console.log(t.a,t.b);

    I now would like to create something like OneWireDS18_20 using prototype and cannot get it working.

    function myOneWire(pin){,pin); }
    myOneWire.prototype = OneWire;
    myOneWire.prototype.constructor = myOneWire;
    var myOW = new myOneWire(D8);

  • The built in functions can't be called using "call", and that is probably causing you issues.

    I also don't think that prototype.constructor is honoured at the moment (I need to look at the spec to see how it should be used), but I could be wrong there.

    It's probably best to just instantiate OneWire as a field in the DS18B20 module, like the existing module does.

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Prototyping OneWire

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