Bangle.js 2 cannot system reset.

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  • Hi, so I’ve managed to get into some bother while playing around with the Web IDE (MacOS Chrome).

    I was trying to get around the limitation of being unable to connect the Bangle to iPhone and my computer at the same time… I thought that uploading to Flash (not too familiar with what that means) might allow me to reconnect the Bangle to iPhone.

    I lost the ability to exit that app, so did a 6 second reset. But then it didn’t go past this screen:

    After this I tried to reinstall the Firmware (I tried several versions; all for Bangle.js 2) from the Web IDE… But the IDE just throws up this error:  Error: The state of the DFU process does not allow this operation

    I followed all the steps about holding while this ran ====, which brings up the screen with the ‘DFV Start’ text, and selected DfuTarg when selecting which device to pair.

    Now I get this screen and not the previous screen from the previous screenshot:

    I was wondering what my next steps are?
    Is there another way to reset, would that involve a wired connection…? I have access to a MacBook, an iPhone, and I could borrow a Chromebook or Android phone temporarily.

    Edit: Not sure why screenshots aren't showing but here's the links:

    Update: Fixed. I was able to borrow a Chromebook and reinstalled the firmware that way (I'd advise others not to use newer Macbooks to flash firmware).

    Feel free to delete this thread if not helpful to others.

  • Glad you got it sorted! For later, the issue is that you've overwritten the JS that runs write at the start - as­opment says:

    If you've used Espruino before, make sure the Upload button (middle of the screen) shows RAM underneath it. Otherwise by writing to Flash you can remove the watch's built-in menu (you can just re-add it by removing and installing bootloader using

    So all you needed to do to fix it was to go to the Bangle.js App Loader, and uninstall then reinstall the bootloader - which you can do even when the watch is showing the Bangle.js logo like you saw in

    There's no need to update the Bangle.js firmware

    In future, all you need to do when uploading to the Bangle is to set it either to RAM or to click the Storage button and choose a filename. It might be worth checking on­+App for more info

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Bangle.js 2 cannot system reset.

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