Is there a fix yet for the freezing-problem?

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  • Having used my Bangle.js 2 for a few months now, I really like it and am happy how versatile it is.

    However, it keeps freezing more frequently lately (or maybe I am just paying more attention to that fact now), and has thus made be late for a number of appointments, thinking it was half an hour earlier than it had actually been.

    I can find forum postings about this problem from last year, however I cannot find any fix to this problem so far. Is there anything I can do, or is there are particular watchface that is not affected by this problem?

  • I haven't seen it in while now and had this problem a lot before. I think there were some fixes regarding buzzes causing some buildup of intervals or timeouts and some other stuff regarding handling of messages fixed in current firmwares. Do you already use something newer than 2v18? I currently use 2v18.90.

  • What firmware are you using, did you always have this problem or is this new?

    Mine (so far) does not freeze. However executing some housekeeping from time to time like Settings->Utils->Compact Storage seems to be a good idea.

  • I've had mine for a couple of years now and I've never had it freeze. Then again I'm only really using simple apps, like the simple v-clock

  • I had this often in the beginning, then not at all for the last year or so (Don't really remember if I did something to fix and what or it just vanished with some firmware).
    Recently I was surprised to see it back, but only once so far. So I ignored for now.

  • I still have daily freezes, but only when connected to my android phone.

  • Sorry you're having issues - is your watch firmware up to date? And what clock app are you using?

    This definitely doesn't seem normal (@RaoulDuke I think we might have talked about your one before? I think it might be related to this but it's odd that it hits you, as I've been running daily with Gadgetbridge for months now and haven't seen this happen once).

    When the clock freezes, how do you get it started again? Does just pressing the button quickly still load the launcher, and there's no need for you to long-press it?

    There was a problem with some clock apps where occasionally the font load would fail due to memory fragmentation, and that would then stop the clock from updating (while everything else works). That was fixed in some of the clock apps and then I fixed it globally in the 2v18 firmware release though.

    But if you're on 2v18 (or cutting edge) and all up to date then it could be a problem with the clock app - if I know which one you're using I can try here and see if it happens for me too

  • It happened today with 18.90, just updated to 18.92. The freeze seems to happen when i ignore a message on the watch. After a while, the message is replaced by the clock face, but it no longer updates. The step widget still updates and the button works.
    Edit: ContourClock with Lato Pedometer, Altimeter Widget and Themed Battery Widget.

  • This sounds different to the freezes I had. Do you use the default messaging ui app or one of the other ones? I had complete freezes (no reaction at all on the bangle), often remedied by disconnecting and reconnecting GadgetBridge.

  • Yes, I think @halemmerich's crashes are different - the same as I mentioned above.

    @RaoulDuke ok, that's not what I thought then. If you're able to enable 'write log' in gadgetbridge and then 'debug -> share log' with me (just email it as it will contain the contents of notifications) when it next happens that would really help

    I just installed those apps and I can't reproduce it at the moment, and I don't even see a memory leak that might end up causing issues eventually.

    You said:

    After a while, the message is replaced by the clock face

    You mean you just leave the watch until it times out and goes back to the clock face? That's what i did.

  • Yes, it usually happens when i ignore the message and it times out eventually. I wouldn´t rule out a problem in my clock as well.

  • Thanks for looking into it! I had thought that I was running the latest version of Gadgetbridge but completely forgot to check F-Droid for updates. I will install all the latest updates when I get home and see if that will fix it.

  • Great! Just a note that if you install from the Play Store, I'm actually keeping that version pretty up to date at the moment

  • Thank you! I had completely forgotten about F-Droid and had only checked on Google Play - sorry about this very obvious oversight on my part, it seems the bug has stopped so far. Again, thanks so much for the fast response and helpful advice!

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Is there a fix yet for the freezing-problem?

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