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  • It seems that a UART in the nRF52 doesn't support IrDA protocols like SIR/MIR and so on.
    Is there any way to implement it in Espruino without using hardware encoder/decoder chips, let's say in software, similarly to what software UART modules do?


  • I'm not entirely sure - if you just need to apply a square wave for transmission you can actually just put the LED between the UART and a GPIO pin that is producing the square wave.

    But I'm not entirely sure what else you'd need - as I recall IrDA can be quite fast, so you might struggle to do much decoding in software

  • In my understanding, IRDA encoders/decoders like MCP2122 reshape the pulses from/to the UART so it better works with IR. Also, it's declared that the UARTs in ESP32 support "IRDA mode" (while NRF52 specs don't make such claims).

    After doing some research I am not sure whether it's needed at slow speeds (9600 or lower), so pls never mind :-)

    Thanks for your response!

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