• Hi,
    I started to have the open brackets / close brackets error on a script I have been using for a while and was compiling fine till today. No changes have been made to it . There is no error visible in the IDE

    I found out this function is where is the problem but I really don't see any brackets error on it ??? :

    function rescaleToMidiCC (value, oldMin, oldMax){
    newMin = 0;
    newMax = 127;
    rescaled = Math.round((value - oldMin) * (newMax - newMin) / (oldMax - oldMin) + newMin);
    rescaled = Math.min(127, Math.max(0, rescaled));
    return rescaled;

    deleting this part of the code and the script compiles

  • Same problem here, trying to upload a code that used to work but no longer works and getting the same error.
    After doing some debugging it seems like the operator "/" is raising the error but I am not sure why.

  • Argh, ok, thanks - sorry about this. I'll take a look and get a fix in in an hour or so - we've had some changes in the 'development' web IDE for a few weeks that fixed an issue with regular expressions and I hadn't had complaints, but I pushed them live yesterday - so maybe this is related.

  • Ok, it should be fixed now - just make sure you his refresh on espruino.com/ide and it should work again

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weird error: You have more open brackets than close brackets. Please see the hints in the Editor window.

Posted by Avatar for user155285 @user155285