Academic Research using the Bangle.js 2

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  • Hi,

    I am a researcher at Lancaster University UK wondering if anyone has used the Bangle.js 2 in any academic research looking into behaviour change/behaviour biometrics or wellbeing. I am interested in exploring how wearable and mobile technologies can be used to study these topics.

    My university email is

  • Found one article which aimed to validate the bangle.js2 with a very popular existing research watch:­7/s12662-022-00813-2

  • Found another article entitled "Activity tracker-based intervention
    to increase physical activity in patients
    with type 2 diabetes and healthy individuals:
    study protocol for a randomized controlled trial: !­6/s13063-022-06550-z

  • My idea is to create something similar to but with the Bangle.js 2 . I find research kit daunting, given that i am from a Psychology, rather than a computer science background, but like the idea that I could learn javascript or use blockly and make something similar. I could potentially apply for grant money to help develop this but would need some interested partners.

  • Hi - this could be interesting - I know a German university used a bunch of Bangle.js 1s to attempt to detect certain behaviours (drinking, smoking, etc). I'll try and get some more information for you early next week

  • @HeatherShaw - Yep, we have developed an entire platform around the BangleJS2 and various sensors for physiology, behaviour, etc. We just finished a 24h comparison study of the activity tracking to other wearables, and we have quite a bit of the logic already coded, with its own application for uploading data to our servers/cloud infrastructure.

    We have a long term study ongoing right now throughout the summer to monitor people.

    Let me know if you want to chat more. :)

  • Thank you very much @Gordon

  • Thank you very much @nravanelli and for getting in touch via email as well. I was thinking of open source solutions that mirrored the ethos of of the Bangle.js

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Academic Research using the Bangle.js 2

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