"Offline" heart rate data

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  • Hi guys,

    I searched this forum but didn't find what I was looking for:
    Usually, when I do sports, I don't have my phone with me but my banglejs.
    When I look at the statistics, especially the heart rate, there is a smooth line between when I left my phone and when I came back. It looks like heart rate only gets transferred to the phone, when it is connected (in the screenshot: not connected between 1740 and 1920).

    Is there a way to save this "Offline" HRM data and collect it, when banglejs and phone connect? Is this planned?

    I found the app Health Tracking, perhaps this data can be used?

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  • Somewhat related: https://forum.espruino.com/conversations¬≠/381011/#comment16742671

    Maybe you can find some related issue over at the gadgetbridge repo. I think I remember reading a conversation on some issue regarding syncing data when reconnecting to the app.

  • Is there a way to save this "Offline" HRM data and collect it, when banglejs and phone connect? Is this planned?

    Not sure if you search specifically for a gadgetbridge HRM "cache" or any offline HRM while doing sports. Some thoughts on this (not knowing what you know already):

    • There are a number of apps recording hrm offline like recorder or run app. But need to be started/stopped manually and later downloaded manually. I am not aware of an automatic sync. Typically you set them to sample hrm much more often than you might have set for the health app.
    • For soprts the build in sensor is not very reliable with the current firmware. But Bangle can recieve chest belt signal and store this (or both) also offline
      [see https://forum.espruino.com/conversations­/372681/ for more information about PPG at rest / strong movement]
  • Thanks a lot guys! This seems to be a topic that I should investigate some time. But it involves Gadgetbridge and BangleJS and that makes it complex.

  • Hi - someone commented asking this yesterday as well on a GitHub issue: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i¬≠ssues/718

    Was that you, or someone else?

    Probably best if we chat about it on that issue - I'll post an update there in a minute

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"Offline" heart rate data

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