(baro) sensor offset calibration?

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  • Hey, I've searched before posting but apologies in case I've missed anything. Yesterday I've noticed that the baro in my Bangle.js 2 is offset by about 30hPa from a Garmin GPS baro, a Casio watch baro and the local forecast and this is for the absolute measurement, not one corrected for altitude. Is there a way to calibrate this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • ok interesting, both my Bangle.js 2 do read a value that is only +-1 hPa from comparable devices. I wonder if your Barometer reading hangs like in https://forum.espruino.com/comments/1664­2970/

    Can you try the long-press-button-reboot. What pressure reading do you get afterwards?


    To answer the question: I currently see no way to set an offset. But we can program that easily if needed.

  • Aw shucks, it does appear to be stuck at a value (tiny vario doesn't register a lift ride), baro app reads zero in digital and ~1000 analogue and multiple reboots don't change this.

    I'll attempt shutdown, charging and stuff like that but for the moment it appears something is wrong with the baro itself :c

    Thanks for the pointers!

  • Can you please try this: https://forum.espruino.com/comments/1664­5817/

    If you have the SPL06 we might be able to reset the sensor without a full discharge:

  • I've done both described procedures,

    =[ 0, 16 ]


      // {temperature, pressure, altitude}
    =Promise: {  }

    I don't speak js in the slightest, no idea what to make of this so thanks for your help!

  • Looks like you got the SPL06, ok lets try a reset with

    Bangle.barometerWr(0x0c, 9)

    (at your own risk..) and a long-press-button-reboot afterwards. After that your barometer should work again.

    As an alternative you can upload the attached file with the IDE as "baroreset.settings.js". Go to settings->app->baroreset and execute the reset. Also after a long-button-press reboot the barometer should work again.

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  • That helped! Thanks a lot. I've seen mentions of this happening due to the sensor being powered up long-term, in my case probably due to baro alarm widget so I'll try disabling that.

  • Good news!

    baroalarm only turns on the barometer during a measurement. It gets powered off again.

  • That's interesting - do you think there's something we could do in the firmware to help fix this?

    I didn't realise they would end up wandering off over time...

  • I don't believe it was wandering, I assume it just was stuck at that value. Happened to me multiple times.

  • Affirmative, that's what it turned out to be- stuck.

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(baro) sensor offset calibration?

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