Invention of a Bangle JS Hackaton

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  • Hey everbody!

    I got my bangle JS pretty new. I'm very excited about the watch. This watch is so fabulous that I thougt it would be great if the whole bungle js community could meet somewhere to get together. Firts to get to know each other and second support the work on on some apps and to improve them together!
    This could be all in a small Hackaton with a nice social program.
    What do you think?

    Best regards


  • Hi!

    Yes, it would be a fun thing to do, however I never thought people would be willing to travel too far? I could be wrong I guess!

    I'm based in the UK (are you in Germany?) - I guess initially we could just sort out a day somewhere, but if people are going to have to travel a long way I guess ideally it would be a bit longer?

    ... or maybe there's the possibility of doing something right before or after some other event that folks might travel for anyway, like a Maker Faire?

  • Or... we'd do it online via something like Teams or Discord. However, this has to be prepared very detailed I guess.

  • would be the open alternative for online.

  • Hey everybody,
    Yes I'm from Germany, cologne.
    I would like to travel somewhere to meet each other. That would be very nice. Even if we would do our first meeting with just five to ten people that would be a nice beginning.
    I would offer to organize a place and a location and set up a Programm with you Gordon, if you are interested, where we all can meet up in Cologne, Germany.
    What do you think, everybody?

  • cool idea, me and jumjum already met twice to work on ESP32.
    I would like to join via remote or physical, depending on the location.

  • Sounds wonderful. We could do a residential weekend if there was a lot of interest. Is there a way to do polls in threads? My suggestion would be be somewhere near Birmingham. I know a good place that can host groups of 13,17,25,28. I am running something else at the location and doing it costed at £75 for the weekend, including a food budget. Two evening cooked meals could be shared out between 6 people, each bringing a meal for meat, vegetarian, vegan etc. I have organised such events before so I know it can be done if there is a willingness to all pull together. Maybe we should do an online meetup first.

  • Hey everybody,
    thats sounds great! I'm very open to any location.
    I think it is a good idea to meet online firt, too.
    Hear is a doodle link where everybody can pick up a date and make a selection.
    First we can set up the day and in adavance we could discuss about the time.­d/aK8R9kJb

    Best regards

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Invention of a Bangle JS Hackaton

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