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  • Hi all,

    I've been working on an open-source outdoor air quality monitor using Espruino for a while now, and it's finally at a stage where I feel comfortable sharing it with you folks! The first batch of ten prototypes used MDBT42Q modules I bought from Gordon, but I found them really hard to solder (even when using a hotplate), so I've since switched to using the E73-2G4M04S1B, which is a bit larger.

    Details about the project and build instructions is over on­enairmonitor-494b2c

    If you'd like to know more about the story behind the project, have a look at my blog:­en-source-air-quality-monitor-and-buildi­ng-a-community-sensor

    Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know, and if you'd like to be a beta tester.


  • This looks great! Thanks for sharing it!

    It's really nice to see an Espruino project using LoRaWan too. What's the chip/module you're using for it?

    Also just so you know the hackster article links to:­onitor. (which is 404 - you have to manually remove the dot!).

    It's a shame you had trouble with the MDBT42Q though - they can be a bit fiddly :(

  • I originally used the RN2483 module, but when that became unobtainium I switched to the LoRa-E5 (now called Wio-E5) module from Seeed. It has a STM32WL SoC, which contains both an ARM Cortex M4 and a SX126x LoRa radio. The ARM Cortex M4 runs the LoRaWAN stack, and uses an AT command set.

    Thanks, I've now updated the link!

  • Thanks! I don't know if you ever did a module for communicating with the Wio-E5 ? If you did, it'd be great if you could contribute it to EspruinoDocs so others could use it...

  • I want to do that, but need to find the time to separate out the LoRa code into its own module. I also wrote a CayenneLPP encoder that I'd like to contribute as well, but again need to find the time to actually put it into a module.

    I contributed a module for the MAX1704x Battery Fuel Gauge a while ago, but I'm not seeing it when I use the search function on the Espruino website?

  • I contributed a module for the MAX1704x Battery Fuel Gauge a while ago

    Thanks - it is there...

    Maybe the file containing the search keywords for it got cached by your browser so it didn't show up? It can also take me a week or so sometimes to merge and then push the changes to

  • It showing up for me now in the search function as well, thanks for checking!

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