Translations in own app loader

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  • I wanted to check out translations. In my own app loader under settings, only "none (English)" is shown. How do I add all the languages there?

  • Maybe start by looking at the differences between your app loader and official one. It works fine even on so I imagine something must be different in your version?

    Maybe also check in the chrome dev console? Maybe there was an error in the code and so it stopped execution before getting to the point where it updated the language list?

  • The loader schould be 100% the original source. I acutally do not get the error on my PC using Chrome, but I get it on the phone with Chrome.
    Chrome remote debugger shows this on the phone

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  • @myxor just proposedĀ­ull/2514 and I've merged it in, so maybe you can pull that and it'll work.

    I just tested here and it works for me - so maybe you just need to do a refresh on the page? I know GitHub does cache the webpages sometimes and that can cause issues when things change.

  • Awesome, I see the full dropdown now... Thanks!

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Translations in own app loader

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