About using Espruino in Products.

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  • Hello,

    First, I've been using Espruino for my DIY projects for several years. Thanks for this great job.

    My question;
    I'm thinking to use Espruino for mass-production devices. So, I'm planning to sell 3000 devices for home automation.
    We are going to design a special device with a special PCB.

    Is there a legal issue to use it for commercial products?
    Is it useful to use Espruino for end-user products? Is it stable enough?

    Thanks for your response.

  • Hi,

    I suppose you've already been at the business info page? :)

    There's also this FAQ topic regarding open source. From there you can click on to arrive at the license (MPLv2).

    Your first question will probably be answered by the above, I haven't read through the license too closely myself so I don't have the answer done and packaged ;)

    I'll let someone more experienced/official answer the second question, @Gordon is on holiday.

    Also, here are two conversations regarding espruino and home automation:

  • @Ganblejs Thanks for your response.

    Yes, I have been at the business info page. There is generally talking about developing and selling Espruino devices. But we are going to work on a special device that has several modules connected with Espruino. And we want to develop this device internally.

    But sure, we are open to supporting Espruino and donating if we decide to start this project with Espruino. Currently, we are between Espruino and Nano Framework and doing research about flash usage, available mcu's etc..

    About the license; It is written in a formal language and English is not my native language. That's why I wanted to ask directly :) But I'm going to find a way to understand what the license covers.

    Happy holidays @Gordon :)

  • Hi! So yes, you're welcome to use Espruino for commercial projects without having to pay anything, and there are several companies that do.

    The Licence (MPLv2) states that any sourcefiles you modify you must make publicly available, but if you add source files, there is no need to share those. Also don't use the Espruino trademark in advertising (eg don't call it an "Espruino device") without checking with me first. Other than that you can use it as you want.

    So I think you should be fine - and yes, Espruino is definitely stable enough for use in production. Although I'd recommend that you personally test each release works with your software before using it :)

  • Hi Gordon, Thank you for your response.

    I'm currently not able to use espruino because of flash size restrictions. I must use a 128KB flash-sized ST32.

    But It is good to know that I can use Espruino for further projects with no legal issues.

    Thanks to you and to all espruino contributors for this great tool.

  • it depends on the complexity of the code but STM32F103 with 128KB of flash and 20KB of RAM sort of works with espruino. you can try flashing build from https://github.com/fanoush/EspruinoBoardĀ­s/tree/master/STLINKV2 , there is even 10KB for saving javascript code. if you would add SPI flash then javascript coud run from that and then the build could have a bit more room for native code

    More info in this topic https://forum.espruino.com/conversationsĀ­/370156/

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About using Espruino in Products.

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