Distance from phone app request

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  • Hi l was wondering if anyone has thought of making an app to Bluetooth between your phone and watch so phone beeps/ vibrates when around 0.5 mt apart or so.
    When you're out great to have peace of mind that you don't leave phone by mistake.
    I cannot program ( the brain doesn't work that well anymore). but feel this would be a great app to have with the bangle.
    Peace love and mung beans.

  • Actual distance would be tricky, a simpler option might be to make the watch alert you when the Bluetooth connection is lost. Not sure how long it takes for the watch to notice that if not sending anything though?

  • https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=widbt_noti­fy does this pretty good. It can be set to buzz when connection is lost. So when I leave the house without the phone, I get notified.

  • Thank you that's what I meant to say. Just loosing connection.

  • Hi thanks for the information. I tried the app and it worked but was too far a distance. I was hoping that I could get it within about 0.5 mts so you have time to get back to your phone if you left it on a table or bench.

  • I wondered if using BLE signal strength could be used to approximate distance, but:

    We see that Bluetooth presents enormous challenges for inferring distance.

  • Since in this case only the specific combination of one Bangle and one Smartphone is relevant, maybe a configurable RSSI value as threshold is good enough? I think at least leaving the room should be clearly distinguishable in the RSSI values and would be better than complete connection loss as the only indicator. Can we get the RSSI of the connection to the Phone, maybe using this https://www.espruino.com/Reference#t_l_N­RF_setRSSIHandler?

  • RSSI values
    With my very limited understanding of programming and reading up what you mentioned , that makes sense. So if the value / strength of the connection drops due to distance, it would trigger the vibration mode without actually disconnecting the connection.
    Is there someone who could turn this into a small basic app please.?

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Distance from phone app request

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