New unintrusive reminder app, feedback welcome

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  • I have finally gotten around to reading up on js and have written a small app that I've been needing for a while now. If you (like me) have the tendency to push off non-timecritical tasks long enough to completely forget them this may help you as well. Once activated (by executing the app) it will buzz every few minutes (buzz pattern and interval selectable) to remind you to take out the trash, write the annoying email or get up and finally drink a glass of water. I you want to ignore the task a bit longer the app will simply keep buzzing every x minutes until you deactivate it again. It is also great if you're currently doing something and someone wants you to do something afterwards. Just activate the app (I have it set to swipe right on the clock screen) and you won't forget about it immediately after they leave.

    You can also set it to start buzzing at a certain time everyday eg. to remind you to take meds.

    While active it will also show a widget, the app can be set to respect quiet mode.

    You can find the app unter­nnoy
    Feedback is greatly appreciated (also for a different name). Once I've used it a bit longer and made sure it works as advertised (and read up on GIT usage) I'll put in a PR.

  • Nice and simple!

    First thing that comes to my mind for extending functionality is having the option to add a note to the alarm a la Noteify. So if the option was toggled on, once you start the app a keyboard is launched for input, and when the app buzzes the text is displayed with an overlay.

    Looking at the code it seems you're not utilizing the Scheduler. Doing that instead of coding the alarm functionality yourself would probably be a good thing as well - from what I gathered listening in on earlier discussions in the forum and on github.

    Well done!

  • Hey @Ganblejs, thanks for the feedback!
    I like the idea of being able to input additional notes, though I'm not sure if that deviates too far from the original idea of the app. I'll play around with Noteify a bit and see.

    About the scheduler, I've originally intended to use it but after reading throuh the I didn't find a way to hide the timers/alarms from the Alarm app. That made it really clunky to use. If possible it would definitely be useful since it saves resources. Since timing accuracy is really not important I was also planning to look into unloading as much as possible from ram but I'll need to read up more on JS...

  • though I'm not sure if that deviates too far from the original idea of the app.

    Yes, totally understand that reasoning :)

    About the scheduler


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New unintrusive reminder app, feedback welcome

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