Puck.js v1 on 2V16 - magnetometer not recognised

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  • I have a dusty Puck.js V1 updated with 2V16 firmware. Entering the Web IDE instruction "Puck.mag()" results in, "Uncaught error: Magnetometer not available on Puck.js Lite 1"
    I've searched the forum but can't find answers to the following:
    Why is IDE identifying hardware as Puck.js Lite 1?
    Why doesn't current firmware appear to support legacy magnetometer? (or is this a consequence of the 1st question?)


  • Hi - please can you try running E.getBattery() and see what it reports?

    The issue is that to try and make things easier we have one firmware that handles all the different Pucks, but in order to identify them it looks at what I2C peripherals are attached at boot time.

    But, especially on the Puck.js v1, the microcontroller works down to 1.8v, but the magnetometer stops working at 2v.

    At 2v the battery has maybe 5% of charge left in it, if that - but if the magnetometer isn't responding then the Puck will think it's been left off (and will report it's the 'lite' version)

  • Hi Gordon
    Thanks for your response.
    Ref attached; I put in a new battery, ran E.getBattery() and confirmed the voltage before running Puck.magOn() again. Unfortunately, I got the same result.

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  • Ok, thanks for checking - and yet on an older firmware it works just fine?

  • Appears to work up to 2V14.

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  • Ok, thanks - sorry for the delay, but I'll check on this today and try and get a fix in.

  • Ok, just fixed. Sorry about this. If you install a 'cutting edge' build (2v16.34, or 2v17 when released) that'll fix this.


  • Thanks, Gordon. All good.

  • Thank you.

  • Searched for this... did not found it until later, after I created a duplicate of this issue...

    Puck.js FW 2v16 not recognizing HW V1 magnetometer MAG3110, thinks it's Puck Lite 1 HW


    (tested 2v00, 2v06 (was on before update), 2v11, 1v14: all okl from 2v15 on it's broken; using 1v14 until 2v17 will be out)

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Puck.js v1 on 2V16 - magnetometer not recognised

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