Bangle.js 2 not vibrating on message

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  • I just got my bangle yesterday, and so far I'm loving it. However, when I get a notification it just doesn't vibrate (notifications work as expected in every other aspect). As far as I can tell all other vibrations are working, and I've gone through all possible settings thrice to find some settings I've accidentally turned off, but to no avail. It's connected to my android phone with gadgetbridge, and after tweaking with some settings I've managed to make it vibrate once, but after that it stopped working again without me changing anything.

    Does anyone have any idea what I could do?

  • Ah, I should have read the README for the Messages app; it only vibrates when in an app on your bangle, but not on the watchface. That explains my issue, but now I have another question: is there a way to make it also vibrate when it's displaying the watchface?

  • Just to make sure, There's the setting under Settings->Apps->Messages->Vibrate where there are a plethora of vibration options to choose from. But you've probably been there already.

    You can try Settings->Utils->Rewrite Settings and see if that helps.

    There's also Settings->Alerts->Quiet mode, could you have turned that on? (I don't know exactly how it functions)

    As some kind of last resort (well there are even 'laster' resorts) you could try Settings->Utils->Reset Settings. Or reinstall the Messages app.

    How it works for me:

    1. I send a debug message from Gadgetbridge ('Unknown' type).
    2. The messages app loads on the watch and displays the message and the watch vibrates. (If I'm on the clock, otherwise I only get the notification icon and vibration)
  • I've tried all the settings you've listed, but nothing changed. I didn't know the notification was supposed to open immediately when you're on the clock screen. All it does for me is show an icon in the widget bar. Could it have something to do with the firmware? I'm on 2v15, I did see something about a new version, 2v16.

  • I'm using FW 2v16.7, yes. That could be what makes the difference I suppose, although it sounds unlikely to me. Here's the FW update tool. :)

  • That was it! Updating to 2v16 worked; thanks for the help.

  • Great! Glad that sorted it!

    With the latest firmware, I believe the idea is that the watch doesn't buzz when on the clock face, but it should load the messages app and then when it's showing the message it buzzes.

    ... the reason is I got a complaint that if it buzzed as soon as a message arrived, someone might glance quickly at their watch and just see a Loading... message. It was better to delaty the buzz until after the message was shown

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Bangle.js 2 not vibrating on message

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