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  • Make it that any (some) messages come in the form of pictures, not text.

    SMS in Japanese should gradually appear as pictures on the B.js watch screen.

    Does it not already do that? You just have to enable "Text as Bitmaps" in the options.

  • Looked for settings but couldn't find it. Can you please tell me where these options are in more detail?

  • They're in Gadgetbridge itself - click the settings icon on the device's tab.

    It should all be documented in­ra-setup

  • Aha, here's the point 🤔 :) Unfortunately, I can't use this feature because I have iOS.

    In theory, is it possible to convert messages as images at the watch level?

  • In theory, is it possible to convert messages as images at the watch level?

    Well, effectively that is what the Bangle is already doing, it just doesn't have characters in the font for everything.

    In the iOS Integration app there is actually a lookup table of common characters that aren't in the font, and what to convert them to. So more characters can be put in there, and the conversion itself can be a bitmap (just prefix it with char code 0).

    But if you're asking whether we can put the whole of unicode into the Bangle, probably not. There are 150,000 characters so that's just too much storage needed.

    If we had a list of characters that were commonly used, we could maybe add the top 200 or so and create a script to store images for just those in the Bangle though.

  • New Idea:

    • I just recently saw an old video on the Pebble Time

      and thought the timeline interface was nice (illustrated following 2:44 in the video). Having a watch face that emulated that behavior to some degree could be cool. But it would be a lot of work putting it together :P
  • A timeline based UI with events from several sources (like Agenda) would be great!

  • I personally like using the "event" option for one-time reminders, and I delete them after. I'm thinking that adding a delete after expiration option just like the timers have would be a good idea, and I'm willing to attempt to implement it. To avoid duplicating work, is anyone else already doing that?

  • I'm not doing that! ;)

    Maybe adding buttons when the event is triggered "Done!", which deletes the event, and "Postpone", which snoozes the event for an hour makes sense? Then it's easy to get rid of it directly if you want to, or still there if you need it again.

    (Sorry for breaking my own rule about doing dev talk elsewhere. Although I guess conceptual discussion in here makes sense :P)

  • I like the idea of deciding to delete the event or not when it occurs. We already have buttons "Snooze" and "Stop", maybe just adding a third button "Del", left of "Snooze", would do the job?

  • Hey, a small feature idea: could the clock adjust widget keep track of whenever system time is corrected by GPS (auto) time and by how much to find out the current drift value more precisely than manually?

  • Yes, that should be a pretty trivial thing to add if someone wanted to give it a go!

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App ideas - free of charge

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