Is this Bangle.js 2 bricked?

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  • Finally got out my Bangle.js 2 to play with today. Thought I'd gotten it upgrade to the latest firmware (2v15, via the app method), but it started randomly freezing the screen and requiring reboots. I couldn't even access further down menu items.

    First tried doing a device reset. Then settings reset. Kept freezing. Ok, fine, let's try reflashing the firmware with the Device Firmware Upgrade method using an iPhone (see screenshot of phone from flash attempt).

    Now it just flat out refuses to do anything but reboot back into DFU mode, with the same message (see attached image):

    DFU ZV13

    If I try to let it boot normally, it's the exact same message, just with a WATCHDOG header.

    Is there any way (perhaps USB?) to wipe the device and try again or is it truly bricked?

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  • I can't even turn it off at this point.

  • You don't have any firmware uploaded (= bank0 invalid) just retry sending firmware zip, you may also try nrfConnect or nrfToolbox from android phone if iphone does not work.

  • Yeah, none of those apps on iPhone (iOS 15.7) worked. Would disconnect as soon as it tried.

    Android (version 13) with the nrfToolbox seemed to work, however.

    Any idea why the iPhone would screw up the firmware update so badly?

    Also, in case I do something badly again (or someone else stumbles on to this thread with an even MORE bricked phone), is there a way to use the SWD connection (mistakenly assumed it was USB before) on the back to shove firmware on?

  • You can never brick a Bangle2. It's an involved process though, you'll need a special USB connector (USB Female on one end, exposed 4 wires on the other) and connect the 4 wires to an SWD-capable dongle or device (like an ST-Link or Raspberry pi).

    I would do as fanoush suggests: see if you can use nrfConnect on an android device or from a PC first.

  • Yes, I'm afraid updating by iPhone does seem a problem for some on modern iOS versions, but usually keeping retrying does work (it uploads a small bit at a time). There is a note on this on the firmware update instructions at¬≠#nrf52 - but let me know if I can put it somewhere where it's clearer.

    Glad you got the firmware updated in the end though. The App Loader method is by far the easiest/safest. But yes, you can update with SWD in worst case (­ware-swd) but that shouldn't ever be needed - really it doesn't make much sense to do that unless you're developing a custom firmware for the Bangle.

    But back to:

    but it started randomly freezing the screen and requiring reboots. I couldn't even access further down menu items.

    Does this still happen with the new firmware? Freezes are usually extremely rare on Bangle.js. It's not just that the screen is locking (lock icon in top left) is it?

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Is this Bangle.js 2 bricked?

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