• Hi guys,
    I'm trying to use acc and gyro data to reconstruct a human manikin of the user, have you ever tried to do something similar or do you have any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I've heard of some folks suggesting this, but not of anyone that has actually tried.

    The first thing you would likely need is a 'sensor fusion' algorithm that can use gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer values and get a good idea about XYZ values.

    Realistically you'd probably be better sending the raw sensor data from the Puck to a PC, and doing the sensor fusion there - because if you know a Puck is attached to a certain joint then those restrictions could actually help with the reliability of the data since it'll give more of a clue to where the Puck actually is.

  • Thank you so much! I’ll let you know more if I’ll be able to succeed. Actually we would like to integrate the bangle 2 too. Is it feasible in case to provide the Puck with a small motor for vibration alerts?

  • The Puck does have a 'FET' output pin which provides a higher powered output, so you could attach a (small) motor between the 3V pin and that, but the CR2032 battery doesn't provide much power. You could always add a bigger battery as well but then the whole thing starts to get quite large!

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Puck js to monitor human posture: a human manikin reconstruction

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