Puck.js Lite NFC?

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  • The shop says it doesn't include it, but isn't it part of the NRF52832 soc?

    I also noticed that the board script for the firmware includes the NFC module.

  • isn't it part of the NRF52832 soc?

    Yes but typically you also need antenna and some tuning capacitors for it to work so that might have been removed to save cost.

    For more details see https://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/pdf/nw­p_026.pdf however it is said that few rings of thin copper wire without any capacitors might be sometimes good enough too. Which reminds me that I must finally try it.

  • by the way @Gordon, is the Puck.js online doc not rendering correctly? On my browsers (Firefox and Chrome) the pinout does not appear anymore

  • I'm afraid there isn't any NFC on Puck.js Lite. Good point about the NFC lib, I'll take it out the build.

    Puck.js Lite is made with a 2 layer board, and it's not really possible to include the NFC aerial and the Bluetooth one (you want the NFC aerial on both layers really, and then you don't want the Bluetooth aerial inside the NFC aerial). It worked on the first Puck because Bluetooth was on a module (so there were effectively extra layers of PCB) but I couldn't manage it on the Puck Lite.

    @Jean-Philippe_Rey wow, thanks! I see that too - I'll get that fixed now

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Puck.js Lite NFC?

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