• Hi,

    I find myself changing the app loader url in Gadgetbridge, between the official one, my own and sometimes someone else's. For me it would make sense to save these so I could just tap a button and not need to retype them every time.

    I imagine this could be implemented as a drop down suggestion based on historical entries to the input-field. Or as separate modifiable entries in the Bangle.js settings page.

    Does this make sense for others as well? If so and if @Gordon agrees, I can maybe look at adding this to Gadgetbridge. (If anyone else would like to code it I'm more than happy to leave it to them! ;P )

    EDIT: Clarification: Not main Gadgetbridge but Bangle.js Gadgetbridge.

  • Personally I tend to leave it at the same thing but if you wanted to add that, it sounds like a good idea. It's not going to make anyone's life harder!

  • I'd be happy to have that option.

  • Thanks to this question I've realized that espruino has a fork of "gadgetbridge" with additional functions. ;)

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Multiple app loader links in Gadgetbridge 'App loader URL'

Posted by Avatar for Ganblejs @Ganblejs