Broke Bangle2 right at strap connection

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  • Probably not much that can be done about this, but just in case someone has an idea. Through some bad luck I managed to hit my Bangle2 against a hard surface just enough so a small piece of the casing broke away from the one of the little extensions where the strap connects. Just enough of the plastic came off that while I can attach the strap it disconnects with almost any pressure applied (it flew off my arm twice before I took a close look and realized something was broken). Attached a photo, where you can see the metal on the one section is where the plastic broke off.

    Any ideas? or am I just out of luck with a watch that I can no longer attach to my wrist safely.

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  • Argh, sorry to hear that.

    I guess you never found the bit that came off?

    I'm not sure how hands-on you are, but the case is made of ABS plastic, which is pretty common and could be repaired in a few ways:

    • In the unlikely event you have one, it seems some models of '3D printer pen' (eg­t/3d-pens/3d-pen-black-with-lcd-display-­pro-version) go hot enough they melt ABS, so you could just use some ABS filament and 'draw' a replacement bit right onto the case.
    • If you got another piece of ABS plastic (printer filament, or there are a bunch of normal plastic things that are ABS) then you could mix a little with some Acetone to make a bit of a 'mush', then you could put that all over the area, file it down and drill the hole again and it should be almost as strong as new.
    • You could also just add a drop of 2 part epoxy (eg. Araldite) over it, and that supposedly has quite a good bond. It's a lot easier, but I'm not sure it'll be as good as using ABS plastic.

    Hope that's some help!

  • If you got another piece of ABS plastic

    AFAIK legos are made of abs 😉

  • Hmm... might it be the same type of plastic fantasy/sci-fi wargame miniatures are made of?

    Expoxy might be something for me to try. I don't think I can find the piece it is very tiny and there are tons of places it could have flown where I broke it.

    At worst I guess, I do something subpar, my watch flies off my arm while I'm outside and I lose it. In which cause I'd need to get a new one anyway.

  • Maybe I can find a kid somewhere and steal one of their legos.

  • :) I think epoxy is a good try - if it does come off you can always clean up the area and try something else...

  • FYI I had the exact same bit break off, although I was using a metallic (so maybe less flexible) strap which could have increased the stress on the connection.

  • I seem to have tightened my nylon fabric band too much and one of the pegs (?) broke for me today. I still have the small piece that came off so I'll try to glue it back and see if it can handle any load again.

    EDIT: It also seems like the sprint in my band didn't extend fully into the hole of the peg, instead sitting a bit shallow which meant higher pressure/stress on the area that had to handle the force. If I had used a longer sprint I don't think it would have been broken.

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Broke Bangle2 right at strap connection

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