Can the Bangle 2 make webrequests?

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  • I bought the first Bangle thinking it'd be very easy to create an app that would send http requests to a web server I wrote so I could easily control stuff.

    I didn't even think to question the assumption that a device like this would be able to make web requests would however when I started and couldn't see an easy way to do so I saw a threads about this missing functionality ( like­343427/)

    Is this available now without having to code companion/bridging apps ?

  • As @fanoush says it's available with the Bangle.js Gadgetbridge app right now - I'll update that thread.

    I've also updated the docs, as with recent Android Integration it's as easy as:

      console.log("Got ",data);
  • Excellent - @Gordon I'm struggling to find anything on for example sending post requests / message body data in the docs, is that possible?

  • I'm afraid there's nothing implemented right now - I really just wanted to get something in there so we could get internet access as soon as possible.

    I've just added something to the Gadgetbridge build (­ge/commit/4cd53fa9b64fa668960e27b03fed07­edb7237240) - but I'm only working on and off this and next week and I don't want to push something live to everyone yet in case it (or other Gadgetbridge changes pulled in at the same time) breaks things and I don't have time to revert it.

    But you could build it yourself or install the attached file - and then you'll need Android Integration 0v15 from the development app store too. After that, stuff like:

      console.log("Got ",data);

    should work.

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  • What about sending data as GET requests? I haven't tried the feature yet, but I suppose it should work?

      console.log("Got ",data);
  • I believe so, yes

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Can the Bangle 2 make webrequests?

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