No notifications on Bangle.js2 from Gadgetbridge

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  • Hello,

    I don't get any notifications on my bangle.js 2 anymore. Gadgetbridge reports, that it is connected. However, something is wrong as gadgetbridge cannot report the battery level anymore. I had the problem in the past and the workaround was to shortly connect the watch with and than reconnect with Gadetbridge. But this doesn't works anymore.

    I tried also a second watch without success.

    While searching the forum, a found BagleBridge and GadgetBridge for Bangle.js. Totally new to me. So what is the recommended way to connect the watch to the phone to get notifications?

    Any hints are welcome.

  • I personally switched to Gadgetbridge for BangleJS, but I don't believe it would be that different since they share a common codebase.. I just wanted the convenience to update my watchapps without having the disconnect from Gadgetbridge then in the web browser, as well as having apps with Internet access (like OpenWeatherMap data updated directly by the watch)

  • Yes, Gadgetbridge for Bangle.js and standard Gadgetbridge are basically the same, but the Bangle.js one has internet connectivity, so the app loader works (and apps on the watch can access the internet if you need them to).

    But for this to work you do need the Android Integration app installed on the watch. If you're not getting battery level/etc reported than that could be the issue?

  • I encountered a similar issue on my Bangle 2: Gadgetbridge (the Bangle.js version from f-droid) was not reporting battery charge and not sending any notifications. Strangely, the weather app was working correctly.

    Rewriting the settings app as suggested in this thread seemed to fix it:­378757/#16642711
    I decided to try that suggestion because my watch also sometimes briefly displayed 'updating boot0...', which was also reported in that thread

  • I am having similar issues, notifications were working for 1 day but the next day stop working, including the "Find lost device" functionality. Gadgetbridge and Bangle.js 2 show as connected, the battery stats also seems to work but no notifications get through. 'Settings -> Utils -> Rewrite Settings` does not help either. I am on firmware v15 with Gadgetbridge from F-Droid on LineageOS without Google services. What can I do to solve / further debug?

  • Can you try connecting with the Web IDE and posting the following code in to the left-hand side?



    GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"­Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

    Hopefully a notification will appear, but if not, please can you paste up everything that gets written to the console? Chances are there'll be some errors that will help debug it

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No notifications on Bangle.js2 from Gadgetbridge

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