Weather data without GadgetBridge helper app

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  • Hi
    My Android phone is owned by the company I work for and is therefore locked down. I cannot install apps outside of Google Play, so I rely on the Bangle.js version of GadgetBridge that Gordon has so kindly supplied.
    My problem is that I cannot install any of the GB weather helper apps, since they all (to my knowledge) require F-droid.
    Does anybody know of a way to get weather data into GB without these helper apps? Or has a compatible helper app snug it's way into Google Play that I'm unaware of?
    Unless someone has a better suggestion, I guess my only option is to write my own clock app and then use HTTP requests to get the weather data. I just wish I had some more spare time on my hands. :D

  • The other option would be to build the weather app into Gadgetbridge itself - that'd be really good. But the app @halemmerich mentions should work well :)

  • Thank you for your responses. I have installed the required apps and will set it up when time allows. :-)

  • Just installed it, added my OWM API key as well as set my location data with your Location app and it works marvelously. One less app that can be killed in the background on my Android device :D

  • Yes, Android killing apps in the background was probably the reason why the default method of installing a weather provider for GadgetBridge did not work for me. I needed to restart the weather app on the smartphone every few days, sometimes multiple times a day.

  • Thanks for that, it's been rock-solid ever since :)

  • I'm working on a weather watch face similar to YWeather for pebble, using open weather map as my backend. It's not ready yet but is coming along nicely.

  • OWMWeather has worked great for me up until a few weeks ago, when it started throwing an error.
    I don't know if it could be related to an Android or GadgetBridge update.
    I've tried resetting settings, but it didn't help.
    The error happens when I go to Settings -> Apps -> OWM Weather -> Force refresh
    Any ideas?

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  • I believe that to be a bug in the bangle.js Gadgetbridge app which is fixed but not yet released on all channels. Something with a header object missing, when the http-request on the watch does not explicitly define headers.

  • Ok, great. Thanks for the super quick reply. :)
    I'll patiently wait for a new GadgetBridge release.

  • If you want to you can download the nightly version from Gadgetbridge's website with this fix included.

  • I can download it just fine, but due to having a locked-down company phone, I cannot sideload apps. :(

  • Ah, right, you mentioned that, sorry 😋

  • I'll get an update out soon - some calendar changes have just been merged upstream as well so that should be a good time

  • Awesome, thanks. Looking forward to it. :o)

  • I see that this OWM weather is not defined as compatible with bangle.js 1. Isn't it? or it just has not been tested

  • I just did not test it because I don't have a JS1, it will probably work just fine :)

  • OWM Weather works again with Gadgetbridge 0.70.0. :-)

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Weather data without GadgetBridge helper app

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