Touchscreen dying ?

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  • Hi, I can't do any touch/drag in the upper right corner of my screen.
    I used the tinydraw app and tried to cover the whole screen with the results below. 1st with calibration, second pic without (no big changes).
    Even though the watch had to endure some shocks in its life, I don't think there was any shock recently. It was working properly and then stopped to be responsive. Also, I recently had a storage corruption issue that led to a factory reset. I mention it in case it would be related.
    Any suggestion ?

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  • Strange... is it possible the Bangle has been under water a lot recently? All I can think is the top right is where the (membrane covered) hole for the barometer is, so I guess maybe if somehow water got in there, it could affect the touchscreen.

    If so, it may be that just ensuring the Bangle was left somewhere warm to dry out might fix it.

    Otherwise I'd make totally sure the touchscreen calibration code is uninstalled unless somehow that's affecting things, but it shouldn't really - apart from that, touch coordinates should be passed straight through.

  • I deleted the calibration app and rebooted, but it didn't change anything. Also, no water was spilled into the watch.
    I can still use most of the apps, even though it's sometimes unconvenient.
    Is Banglejs3 a project for an unforeseeable future, or does it look like it could come within 2 years ?

  • Argh, that's a shame. I wonder what's happened then. I think it's probably best if I get you a replacement - it'd be good to get the old once back and then maybe I can figure out what's gone wrong.

    Bangle.js 3 could come within 2 years, but I'm just in the process of placing an order for another 3000 Bangle.js 2, so realistically I'd expect those to tide me over for at least another year - I feel like there's not a huge rush for a Bangle.js 3 as the 2 does most things pretty well now.

  • Thanks Gordon,
    Awesome customer service, above expectations. Yes, of course I'll send my banglejs back when I receive the new one.
    Just for the record, I wanted to add that the initial condition worsened, as can be seen in the picture, without any specific mistreatment.

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  • Hey @Gordon,

    did you found any source or solution for this Issue ?
    It seams like that my watch has the same issue after over a year of daily use :(.

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  • Sorry to hear that... It could be related to water ingress - you could try putting it somewhere warm and dry for a few days to see if that helps at all?

    It's probably not a coincidence that the hole for the barometer is in the top right of the watch, and in both cases touchscreen problems occur in the top right first. It does have a membrane over it, but that'll only put up with so much.

    I'm afraid I don't know of a fix though - this is quite a rare thing to happen.

    Since it's over a year old now I can't afford to replace it, but I'd be happy to do you a new one half price if that helps?

  • I let it dry for a few days, but nothing happens.

    from what i could see, it seams like there isn't a membrane anymore 🙈 probably that's the issue. I only left it on for handwashing, etc.

    a half price sounds good 👍 Thanks a lot 😊

  • Thanks @_pasi - please could you send an email to and mention this thread, and we'll send you a code for the shop.

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Touchscreen dying ?

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