Connecting Bangle 2 Windows 10

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  • Anyone have any issues with Bangle 2 and Windows connection? The way it works from a Chrome browser is that you connect in the browser - the Chrome window comes up and says Bangle.js wants to pair then Windows pops up with a do you want to pair this device - I say yes and then it works. So I see my bangle connected in Windows.

    But next time I try to connect with Chrome- no bangle appears in the Chrome dialog. Unless I go to the Windows Bluetooth settings and remove the device. Which seems a bit of a faff.

    Is this the expected behaviour or am I being a dummkopf ?

  • My watch has never shown in Windows BT settings, it's just open chrome, connect, popup comes, select watch, pair and it works. Would you be using an age-old BT module by any chance?

  • Good question - its an ASUS BT 500 USB Dongle in the PC. Recently bought as new.­T-Servers/Adapters/All-series/USB-BT500/­

    As far as I can see - nothing else has a problem connecting.

  • That has BT 5 and LE so should be all good... Are you using the Windows built-in driver or whatever came with it?

  • Good question. So this all came about when I tried to update the latest firmware. If I try to pair via Chrome - its works and I then I politely tell windows I dont want to pair. I then try to go to the firmware uploader - select the firmware and after about 10-15 seconds - it stops. nada - no more uploading. It seems to disconnect. If I repeat again - same - same again - times out / stops uploading. Ok so this time - I do pair on Windows request and this time I can upload and it works. But next time I want to pair with Chrome - I dont see the Bangle until I remove the device from Windows and start again. So I can get it to work - but it seems like a faff...

  • Normally this should not happen, maybe you have HID enabled so windows detect it as keyboard mouse? In such case try to disable HID if it helps. there is similar issue described here­7468/web-bluetooth-connection-problems-i­n-chrome-on-windows-10

  • Thanks for all the help - I ended up doing the normal, factory reset - and now it works as normal. When Chrome connects with WB - Windows doesnt ask. And it stays connected for as long as I have the Chrome window open - which is what is expected.

  • As @fanoush says, maybe you (or an app that use it) had enabled HID (which makes window 'grab' the device as it thinks it's a keyboard/mouse/etc).

    Otherwise maybe enabling passkey pairing or something like that did it?

  • Could be either - I might try setting the HID and seeing if I can repeat it - but I did a full factory reset and its all back fine working and I dont get the Windows asking me for a pair. Thanks for the help there - much appreciated.

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Connecting Bangle 2 Windows 10

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