Updating Espruino Wifi Firmware does not work

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  • Hello!

    For a while I have been trying to update the Wifi Firmware of my Espruino Wifi, but it does not work. Currently the Espruino Wifi itself is running on Firmware Version 2v13. I can not determine the current version of the Wifi Module. Switching the used USB cable did not help either (as suggested in the only other thread I could find for this topic).
    My Browser is Chromium 104 (with experimental features enabled) on macOS 12.4.

    When using the Check firmware version in the settings page of the IDE it always fails with the error message

    The ESP8266 did not respond to the version request`

    Looking into the browsers dev tools console reveals the last commands:

    Splitting for Ctrl-C, delay 250
    Splitting for Ctrl-C, delay 250
    Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The device has been lost.

    The Update WiFi module Firmware (Beta) feature does not work as well. The initial dialog shows:

    This option will update your Espruino WiFi's ESP8266 WiFi module to the latest version (ESP8266_AT_1_5_4_8M). This will take several minutes, and should not be stopped halfway. Espruino WiFi should not be in bootloader mode when you connect.


    When proceeding the following text is shown in the console:

    >>> Downloading binary...
    index.js:92942 Downloading https://www.espruino.com/binaries/ESP826­6_AT_1_5_4_8M.bin
    index.js:92942 >>> Downloading binary...
    index.js:92942 >>> Done.
    index.js:92942 Downloaded 1048576 bytes
    index.js:92942 Set Slow Write = false
    index.js:92942 >>> Configuring Espruino...
    index.js:92942 >>> [?7l
    index.js:92942 >>>  ____                 _ 
    index.js:92942 >>> |  __|___ ___ ___ _ _|_|___ ___ 
    index.js:92942 >>> |  __|_ -| . |  _| | | |   | . |
    index.js:92942 >>> |____|___|  _|_| |___|_|_|_|___|
    index.js:92942 >>>          |_| espruino.com
    index.js:92942 >>>  2v13 (c) 2021 G.Williams
    index.js:92942 >>> 
    index.js:92942 Start Wifi, add handler
    index.js:92942 Handler added
    index.js:92942 Syncing...
    20index.js:92942 >>> Syncing...
    index.js:92942 Error! No response to sync
    index.js:92942 Set Slow Write = false
    index.js:92942 Disconnect callback... {"port":"Web Serial","portName":"webserial:XXXX:XXXX"­}
    index.js:92947 [notify_warn] Disconnected from Web Serial, webserial:XXXX:XXXX
    index.js:92942 >>> Disconnected from Web Serial, webserial:XXXX:XXXX

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi there,

    sorry to hear you are having trouble updating the Espruino WiFi.

    You could try upgrading the firmware using the stm32loader.py with a Terminal Window:


    Hope this will work for you!

  • Hi,

    Is the Espruino WiFi connected to anything? Or is it just 'as it came' with nothing attached to the pins?

    Also, are you able to use the Wifi in the Espruino WiFi at all at the moment, using normal JS code?

    It might be that you have some code running on the Espruino WiFi that is interfering and causing the flashing to fail I guess? You could try running require("Storage").eraseAll() and then reset() and see if that helps?

  • I have the exact experience as the original poster. I've tried the require("Storage").eraseAll() and then reset() approach and it does not help, unfortunately. I'm not sure about running the python code as noted from Christine a year ago, as I can't even get the .bin file from that page to extract on my Mac at the moment.

  • Is WiFi still working if you try and run some code that uses it?

    I've also heard of things breaking just because of an iffy micro USB cable - one that'll supply enough power to run Espruino, but won't keep the WiFi powered up as well. So maybe you could try another one too?

  • Hey, yep, WiFi still works perfectly (it's what the current project I'm hacking on requires).

    I will try a few different cables. Thanks!

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Updating Espruino Wifi Firmware does not work

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