IRC, Discord or other?

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering if the Banglejs (or even all espruino) had a place, be it official or unofficial, on IRC, Discord, or other instant chat? To allow exchange with others in addition to this forum

  • Hi! There is a chat in Slack for Patreon patrons. Although I would prefer Discord, but there is no server there for Espruino, apparently.

    There is also

  • or we could create a matrix channel with an irc bridge?

  • Why create yet another channel to keep track of? Isn't the forum and GitHub enough?

  • Thanks Serj! It is interesting to know there is already something, even if it is not for public and for everybody.

    I never used matrix @user140377, but that seem interesting, even more with the bridge!
    The use is different @johan_m_o, github is mostly for bug report, PR and features suggestion, this forum double theses uses and add static discussions, history and research while the instant part of one of the platform suggested is more volatile and for instant feedback.

    If github is more of a documentation/knowledge base and the forum equivalent to a mailing list, IRC and associate is something similar to a club room where you talk about your current/next project, try to get feedback, testers for something still in progress, search a fix for a small function or just talk about your day. I see it as something a lot more casual globally. At least for me they all have the same goal, but not completly the same use

  • It seems there is already an irc #espruino room in freenode. Room is probably dead.

    Matrix link:­

  • Personally, I'd rather have less places to talk, I'm happy with this forum and often forget to check GitHub anyway! There was a question at one point about moving the whole forum to GitHub forums, but don't know where that went.

    I've had great success talking about all the things @Kane mentioned right here! The people here are very friendly and happy to help, it's been excellent for me. But maybe I'm just old fashioned...

  • As @Serj mentioned there's Gitter for more 'instant' responses:

    And there's also the Patreon Slack channel...

    However it's very unlikely I will ever personally be reachable via a publicly accessible chat system. I'd like to be (and I was on Gitter) but it meant I never actually got any work done, so I had to step away :(

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IRC, Discord or other?

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