• Based on my experience so far it looks like the LCD Timeout setting is the same as the screen lock timeout? Is there a way to set the LCD Timeout to a low value (for example 5 seconds) while setting the screen lock to for example 60 seconds on the Bangle.js 2 ? The use case is to save battery or to disable the LCD Backlight completely while still being able to navigate through the items on the screen without the screen being locked.

  • There is no option in the UI at the moment, but you can do it with code. You want to use Bangle.setOptions(). You pass in an object with the properties that you want to change. The relevant properties are:

    • lockTimeout: how many milliseconds before the screen locks (set this to 60000 for 60 seconds)
    • backlightTimeout: how many milliseconds before the screen's backlight turns off (set this to 5000 for 5 seconds)

    Don't confuse backlightTimeout with lcdPowerTimeout: lcdPowerTimeout turns off the entire screen. You want to leave that at zero so the screen stays on.


      lockTimeout: 60000,
      backlightTimeout: 5000
  • You can paste the above into the 'custom boot code' app I believe to make it 'just work'

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LCD Timeout and screen lock timeout are the same?

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