Daisy clock App UI

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  • Thanks for the Daisy Clock app. It's a nice a clean clock.
    I see some items are already considered for future development.
    Here are two more to consider:

    1. Add the message icon to the screen (there should be enough space even within the ring just above the time). I saw the lock icon is already considered.
    2. setting the default item to display (instead of the battery level)
  • Thanks for the daisy clock. It's my everyday clock. I didn't want to bother anyone, but if we suggest changes, maybe the ring could show other data than steps ? Like battery or else. Personnaly, I'd like battery very much.

  • In any case I would suggest to keep the UI clean. That's what I like about the clock. Elaborating further on the above, maybe if both the ring (what it shows) and the text item shown below the time can be made configurable? I can even imagine simply showing the widgets instead of the text below the time. Widgets are already configurable. By making both UI pieces user configurable it will be easy to customize the clock according to individual preference.

  • With Daisy - my design principle was not to over complicate things.
    Trying to draw rings like this usually ends up with something looking very aliased.
    In order the get the crispness of the ring, it uses images for the different percentages 2,5,10,20..100.

    There are improvement that could be made, but I'm currently a bit busy with work and other things.

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Daisy clock App UI

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