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  • Hello,

    Message app shows ??? instead of utf8 characters.

  • Bangle js doesn't support Unicode. You can enable transliteration in the gadgetbridge settings (device settings).

  • I have it enabled but still have same issue.

    Are there any plans to add utf8 support natively ?

  • Espruino does not support unicode natively (and even if it did there wouldn't be enough memory for every character). Espruino's strings are 8 bits only, so while Espruino can store UTF-8, it doesn't interpret it in any useful way.
    from here

    I was wondering though if it would be possible to allow other codepages. That would require:

    1. Gadgetbridge to convert Unicode into a codepage. Possibly, transliterating missing characters
    2. Storing additional fonts on bangle.js
    3. Support from the messages app (basically a codepage setting).

    I would be very much interested in this feature, and probably could help.

  • A full unicode font would probably take way too much memory.

  • I think it would make more sense for Espruino to support UTF-8 strings, and then support fonts which include some parts of UTF-8, instead of having codepages.

  • Not necessarily. For example 8x8 bitmap font needs 8 bytes per character and as of Unicode 14.0 there are 144 697 characters, so full font would take about 1.1 MB and would easily fit into Bangle.js 2

    (This ignores the fact that you shouldn't just render each character as-is as there are complex rules of how some Unicode characters should be rendered.)

  • So just to be clear: this is on a Bangle.js 2 and Gadgetbridge?

    As mentioned above, unicode itself (with right->left rendering and so on) would be pretty painful to handle on the Bangle.

    However we've got everything in place at the moment to allow Gadgetbridge to render characters/words that don't fit into ISO Latin into a bitmap, and then to just send that bitmap over. The big benefit there is it'll even handle Emoji. There's already some proof of concept code, and getting that sorted with the new Gadgetbridge build is high up my priority list

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Message App UTF8

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