pop-up notifications from a widget

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  • What's the proper way of showing a pop-up notification from a widget?

    So far I updated widbt_notify to use the following code:

    // NRF.on('disconnect',
    var tId = setTimeout(load, 3000);
    E.showAlert(/*LANG*/'Connection\nlost.',­ 'BLUETOOH').then(()=>{
      // ok clicked before timeout

    The problem I get is that if the watchface calls its draw() function while popup is still visible, the popup screen is (partially) overwritten.

    I checked other widgets:

    $ grep showAlert wid*/widget.js

    But it seems there's no other examples.

    One solution would be to complement a widget with a tiny app, which is launched only to show a popup. Sounds like an overkill. Is there a better way? If not, is there a way to ship a widget with an app, while hiding the app from the launcher?

  • Is there a better way?

    Not really, and you probably need to load() the clock anyway after you're done, because it needs to fully redraw itself.
    The launcher only shows <appid>.app.js files, so you can just add e.g. <appid>.showAlert.js and load(<appid>.showAlert.js).

  • There is an actual 'notification' app/library that handles this: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/t­ree/master/apps/notify

    On Bangle.js 1 it can use the in-LCD buffer to scroll the screen and display the notification, but on Bangle.js 2 the only option is basically what you're doing - display and then reload after (done by notifyfs).

    Using require("notify") is best though , as hopefully it some point the situation will improve, and when it does we can just update the library.

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pop-up notifications from a widget

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