How to decode heatshrink

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  • I compress an object: schedule = require("heatshrink").compress(­e(require("Storage").read("CustomSchedul­e.json")));
    Printing the value of schedule returns new Uint8Array([0, 2]).buffer.
    I then decompress using console.log(require("heatshrink").decomp­ress(schedule)); and get new ArrayBuffer(2).
    How can I convert the ArrayBuffer back to an object?

  • I'm afraid you can't, since heatshrink compresses only a sequence of bytes, not a structure.

    If you want to compress it and get the data back, you'll need to compress the JSON, so:

    schedule = require("heatshrink").compress(require("­Storage").read("CustomSchedule.json"));

    However this may be counterproductive. require("Storage").read effectively 'memory maps' the JSON that's in flash memory, so it doesn't actually use up any RAM when it's sitting there as a string.

    It's only when you decode it with JSON.parse that it ends up using a bunch of memory

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How to decode heatshrink

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