Screen Flip on the Bangle.js 2

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  • Hello,

    I've been quite interested in this watch - however I am left-handed and it seems that the watch has no physical orientation as either band can attach to either side. That being said, is there anyway to flip the screen so that I can easily use it with the button oriented to the left?

  • Hi!

    There's an issue open on github regarding this:­ssues/1040

  • Oh, I had missed that. When are these usually resolved?

  • It totally depends - I get totally swamped with issues to fix - so I tend to prioritise issues that get lots of thumbsup, or issues get fixed if someone jumps in and fixes them themselves.

    Unfortunately that didn't happen with this one (my response to the issue didn't even get a reply) - surprisingly very few people seemed interested.

    However, I've just made some changes. So if you have a Bangle.js 2, you install the latest firmware, and you run the code mentioned in that issue (g.setRotation(2);) the whole device screen will rotate (including touch input), and it becomes a pretty usable left-handed watch.

  • Gordon, I can't believe the passion, time, and energy that you're putting into this project. It totally blows my mind. I think back to the Pebble, and someone like you once did the same thing, only to have it taken-over and swept under a rug. What you're doing is really important and even though Fitbit and Apple rule the world, these open (and community-oriented) projects are what propel creative ideas and inventions. It's not going unnoticed. Thanks

  • I completely share your opinion, and I am everyday in awe of all this community gathered around a project brilliantly initiated and followed with attention by Gordon

  • Well said.

  • Thanks! Lately it's feeling like I start work on a monday morning and spend at least half my day trying to handle all the complaints in my inbox, so that's really nice to hear :)

  • ... and I can only agree as well! Thanks for this project! 🙂👍

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Screen Flip on the Bangle.js 2

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