• The app descriptions no longer seem to warp words correctly in the loaders. This is the same for the master loader and a personal loader. Choose any long description and you can see that the word wrapping is broken. This used to work find until a few weeks ago.

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  • oops, this looks like a side effect of https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i¬≠ssues/1566
    Sadly I have not seen this issue in my Browser test. break-word should work better.

    Can you please test it. The more people test the better.
    Test instructions: Replace "word-break: break-all;" with "word-break: break-word;" in css/main.css

  • Thanks! I've just reverted that commit. I see it happening here even on a fullscreen window, and from the change it seems obvious that it would break things. I should have spotted this before merging the PR.

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what has happenned to the text wrapping of descriptions in the app loader

Posted by Avatar for HughB @HughB