Is my Bangle2 water resistant?

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  • Thought I better ask before I swim with it on. Is it water resistant? Not worried about water proof, just want to be able to swim or shower with it.

    Forgive me if it is obvious. My Infinitime is, but this isnt na Infinitime. =)


  • Not an authorative answer, but what I know from reading the forums:
    Shower should be fine but don't swim.
    Reason is a small hole for the pressure sensor. If you seal that you loose the pressure sensor, but can swim then. There was a thread about this some 2 months or so ago.

  • Features lists water resistance as "IP67 Water resistant (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes - everyday use, not swimming)"

  • A shower nozzle can generate quite a high pressure (much higher than what you see at 1 meter deep water). I would not use the watch in the shower...

  • Where is the hole I'd have to seal? I always forget taking it off, when I go to the shower. Also, the watch needs cleaning, too ;)

  • On the top under the strap.

  • Thank you everyone!

  • I closed that hole with epoxy now. Many thanks.

  • Doesn't sealing this little hole make the watch's barometer unusable?

  • yes

    If you seal that you loose the pressure sensor, but can swim

    So its a decision about priority

  • Sure there has been another post about this and general outcome was not very water resistant. Swimming not recommended.

  • Sealed the hole with epoxy. Yesterday I was in a thermal bath and a steam sauna (are these the correct terms, google?) and battery dropped during these 2 hours from 100 to 90%.
    The battery curve looks alright afterwards, so I guess it's water proof now.

  • thermal bath

    If by that you mean a bath with hot, mineral rich water ... Don't ... I wrecked a G-Shock back in the day by doing that. The minerals are death to all the seals making any water-tightness! Sauna should be ok thought, thats just a room with high humidity.

  • So if you seal the barometer hole it's like 5atm proof? Or what?

  • It depends on what breaks first. The glue or the watches sealing.
    For me its importand to take a shower, go swimming and SUP. That seems to work with epoxy.

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Is my Bangle2 water resistant?

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