Change forum to GitHub Discussions?

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  • Is there any final decision on this?

  • I've personally never used GitHub Discussions, what are the pros and cons compared to the current forum in your mind? :)

  • wish I could "like" this message.... oh! wait.....

  • I just discovered that I wasn't on the first page .. 😅

  • Is there any final decision on this?

    Given the reasonably large amount of negativity on this thread, it doesn't seem worth me spending a bunch of time doing something that'll upset a bunch of people - so I guess we're sticking where we are for now :)

    I have a feeling that most people would actually quite like it, but as I haven't heard from them I've got to guess based on the response here...

  • Large amount of negativity? There were like two people saying they don't like the UI of GitHub. Other big discussion was about data protection rules, but None really said they wouldn't use the GitHub discussion.

    More people were in favour of the move then against, especially the first few reactions

  • That's not how I read it... Looking back:

    • @Andreas_Rozek: not every user may want to register at GitHub just in order to participate in discussions around Espruino?
    • @ChrisS : But people who bought e.g. a Bangle.js 2 for privacy reasons...
    • @myownself: I don't really enjoy using GitHub Discussions
    • @Mi: agreed (with myownself)
    • @rigrig: I'm not a fan of using GitHub at all

    And @Ronin, @Alessandro, @opichals, @Poolitzer and @MaBe were for it. As you say, nobody said they wouldn't use it, but then having 50% of people not liking something doesn't seem like good grounds for changing - especially when it'll take a bunch of time

  • I wouldn't mind an update to the forum, but to me it would seem a better use of time to upgrade the documentation pages (the layout looks rather dated which sadly reflects back on espruino as a whole), and maybe get a vscode extension going, (something I've personally been tinkering with for a week or two, though I've come to realize that I need to learn more about babel, and perhaps gulp and webpack and how they work together)

  • Well,

    I don't think you should judge your user's opinions just by the posts in this topic.

    To use myself as an example: being critical (e.g., in terms of privacy and GDPR compliance) does not necessarily means "dissent" - it's just that I want to avoid running into troubles by not having looked at the consequences of this switch.

    On the other side: since I am participating in a GitHub discussion (on the new GitHub "achievement" badges), I definitely prefer the existing forum!

  • Alternatively, if the forum really does need to be replaced, I think more people may be up for an open-source solution like

    I think it has all the features that are wanted, like likes etc

  • I know Discourse from Node-RED and can definitely agree.

    However, AFAIK, Gordon wanted to avoid having to maintain a forum himself, which is why he looked at GitHub Discussions...

  • Totally understandable, then it's probably not the best option :)

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Change forum to GitHub Discussions?

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