I demand BangleJS3!

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  • Thanks - yes, NFC would be a nice addition as it's on the chip as well.

    GPS is a difficult one - it does make the watch a lot more expensive/difficult, but it does have uses. For example I use my watch for running when I don't want to carry my chunky smartphone but I do want to log the run...

    @fanoush in 2v19 I added some code to the firmware so that you could actually turn the HRM LED on/off and could use the sensor to read raw analog values - you could definitely hold the watch against your PC/phone screen and use it to detect the screen flashing on and off in a set way :) I'll try and upload the sample code I have which counts light pulses...

  • It is not safe to listen to music while riding a bicycle, so I am against the appearance of a third version of the watch. I hope if there are no buttons on the watch there will be fewer idiots listening to music on their bike

  • if you were correct, then how can you explain Sony's walkman -> discman -> mp3 player/ipod -> smart phone+head phone?

    illegal drugs are more idiot but it's common among some people.

    it's called "natural selection"

  • I completely agree, let's hope that people who listen to music on their bikes don't kill anyone the moment they kill themselves on their bikes. And let's use only legal psychotropic drugs

  • I think it is personal choice, but do agree its a dangerous thing to do. Personally I would never wear headphones on a bike or in a car. I do see people do this. I dont feel safe on a bike unless I can hear what is around me.

    I do recall that LSD was first experienced whilst riding a bike.

    NOTE: I am not advocating LSD and would never do it. Besides if you take to much LDS you end up with dyslexia.

  • uhm I wonder what the deal with bikes is here. The first mention I see is the post by user156955 who brought it up with the warning in the very same post. For some reason I don't get this person associates listening to music to music while riding a bike. Lets just stop this discussion here and I spare you my view on it.

  • I had lots of fun with this one:

    to much LDS you end up with dyslexia.

    Not supporting LSD here, btw. About listening to surroundings while exercising, I have to mention that bone conduction earphones are pretty trendy amongst runners and cyclists... It's a bit like having a background music in a movie, while still being able to hear perfectly clearly what's going on around (except if you put volume really too loud). https://piped.video/watch?v=M3xrcsCGnSY

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I demand BangleJS3!

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