Expectation for new stock?

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  • Hi there folks!
    I'm based in Germany and am trying to get my hands on a PuckJS (v2.1).
    All the distributors linked to from the Espruino website (including Espruino's own shop) seem to be out of stock.

    Does anyone have info on if/when new stock is expected? It's been this way for a couple of weeks now.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Simon,

    Sorry about this we've had huge issues getting the parts we need for them - the microcontrollers were ordered back in October and still haven't arrived!

    Realistically it's looking like they'll be back in stock around 2 months from now.

    However not everyone on the distributor page is out of stock - as of my writing this, Adafruit still have over 80 - they just have to be shipped from the USA: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3372

  • hello,

    do you have any update regarding stock? I really want one.


  • Sorry, wrong forum... Thought you asked for the bangle..

  • Hi - yes, sorry about the delays.

    We're expecting those parts we need at the end of May now (we finally have a date) and have booked in assembly for 6th June, so all being well we should have them back in stock by 10th June.

    At the same time I'm also getting a slightly cheaper Puck.js Lite made (without the sensors) as a lot of people end up using the Puck just as a smart button/beacon. I'm expecting the production prototype of that tomorrow and as soon as I get that checked production should start - so I'd hope to see the Puck.js Lite a little earlier - hopefully the very end of May

  • Thanks for the very informative response :)

  • Hello @Gordon, this Puck.js Lite is a good idea! It was tiring to solder the beacon :) When can I order these?

  • Hi there,

    we are expecting to have the first prototype of the Puck.js Lite ready in a couple of weeks from now.
    There will be an update in this forum as soon as they are for sale.

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Hi! Just an update on this. Manufacturing got delayed while we got CE certification but we do have the Puck.js Lite here now, but it's not on sale just yet. I'd hope that we should be able to get them in the shop next week though.

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Expectation for new stock?

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