• Hi

    I tried to flash the latest B2 cutting edge firmware using the Firmware Upgrade App.
    I clicked on the cutting edge option and went through the upload and reflash process.
    At the end of it - my watch restarted and rather than saying 2v12.50x ? (whatever the latest is) - it now says 2v12 only. Strange thing is the new menu system is still there. I started out on v212.32.

    Not sure what is going on. I have tried this twice and ended up with 2v12 ?

  • Ok, thanks. I switched over CI builds from Travis to GitHub Actions, and it looks like they're not pulling in the commit history.

    So... You are on the latest version and you'll be able to check with process.env.GIT_COMMIT - it's just that it's not reporting the right version number

  • Fixed now

  • Great thanks.


Tried to install 2v12.cutting edge for Bangle2 but ended up twice with 2v12 ?

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