New Rolex Watch - very very nice

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  • Just spotted there is a new Rolex watch come through today, when I updated my local repository.
    It will be on the dev loader for now.

    Congratulations to @dc959 - very nice bit of work.

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  • Indeed :-)

  • Its also an interesting bit of code as it just uses images. Its really effective. The tough bit I guess is constructing the images in the first place.

  • Yes, it looks great! Worth noting that drawImage doesn't work great on Bangle.js 1 because of the issue of flickering.

    You can however use drawImages which composes all the images together internally so there's no flicker. There's an example on the image background analog clock at­lob/master/apps/analogimgclk/app.js#L86-­L91

  • Hey, thanks for checking out my watch face, was a fun little experiment to see if I was interested in purchasing a watch and doing some dev for it.

    Constructing the images was honestly not too bad, just used various images of Rolex watch parts and some photoshop to eventually as of v0.03 make them fully 2 bit greyscale as @Gordon mentioned it plays nicer with theming and the widgets.

    @Gordon I’ll take a look at using drawImages with the watch face once my bangle arrives hopefully next week.

  • Great! @dc959 if you're just targeting Bangle.js 2 what you're doing is totally fine and I wouldn't worry about changing it.

    The only benefit really is the code linked above redraws only the bit of the watch face that changed, which could make things faster in some cases.

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New Rolex Watch - very very nice

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