Puck.js 2.0b battery holder quality issues

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  • After noticing some sporadic deconnections of my Puck.js 2.0b from BLE while manipulating it, I had a closer look at it and discovered that the metallic plate supposed to hold the battery in place was disconnected on one of its side. Hear me out: the PCB copper parts are not teared out, but the factory soldering process seems not to have worked optimally to hold the battery plate in place (see below picture). I think this is a quality issue (even though, I confess, I might have removed the battery too many times without taking too much care while doing it), and this should be addressed for new batches I believe. On my Puck.js, some soldering should do the fix. I also noticed that on my Puck.js 1.0e, the battery holding plate is mounted using through holes, which might be a tougher solution.

  • Hi - when did you get your Puck 2.0? I know the first batch of 2.0s did have this issue and we ended up testing and reworking many of them.

    ... but obviously if we test and the battery holder doesn't come loose, we don't know if it'll let go 1 year later or not.

    and this should be addressed for new batches I believe

    I think the Puck.js 2.1 which we've had on sale for a while (almost a year?) are fixed - the manufacturer changed the profiles on the oven which meant the solder melted better.

    The change to surface mount was really because we needed to space to put the extra sensors on - but as you note the PCB itself is solid enough to handle it - in this case it was just a manufacturing fault with how the solder was applied

  • The Puck 2.0 was bought on September, the 27th 2021 from GO TRONIC SAS in France.
    A Second one was bought on December, the 8th 2021, which was also version 2.0.
    Currently they are out of stock, so I believe it was an old batch they were selling at that time...

  • Ahh, it might be Gotronic still had some of the older stock. Sorry about that though.

    And yes, Pucks are now out of stock pretty much everywhere. They sold amazingly quickly this time and I'm waiting for more stock of modules before I can manufacture more as the lead time is still 40 weeks :(

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Puck.js 2.0b battery holder quality issues

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