Bangle 2 battery only lasting 1 or 2 days

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  • Hi,
    Apologies if there is another thread discussing this - I couldn't find anything similar.
    For the last few weeks, my Bangle2 2v11 has had poor battery life.
    One thing I am noticing is that the screen is lighting up every 30 secs and I am guessing there is some kind of attempt at communicating going on and this is probably draining the battery.

    Can anyone suggest where I should start looking? Is it something in the watch settings or my android phone on which I have Gadget Bridge and nRF Toolbox installed?

    Thanks for helping in advance.

  • Hi!

    Bangle2 2v11

    Could you try to update to the latest stable firmware, 2v12? You can do it trought the Espruino Web IDE (top right icon, flasher)

    edit by Gordon: Please don't use the IDE to upgrade firmware unless you have to. Use the firmware update app at - instructions are at­ware-updates

  • Well, the fallback is to just Install Default Apps to reset your Bangle and see if that helps... But:

    • Does the Bluetooth icon keep changing color? If so it'll be some device that keeps on connecting/disconnecting as you suggest
    • What are you Settings->System->LCD settings set to? Maybe turn Wake on... off for everything apart from the button
    • You could ensure your LCD timeout in that same menu is set low
    • What apps/widgets do you have installed? Things like sleep tracker will drain your battery fast at the moment.

    Other things that can run the battery down quick are if you have the 'recorder' app left on (which turns GPS on) or if the heart rate monitor is set to on in 'health' settings. Setting the health app to 10 mins gives you a good balance of battery life and accuracy

    Updating to 2v12 firmware will probably help you too.

  • I am on 2.12 and see the lighting up also.
    In settings LCD i disabled all but button (esp. twist).
    I still can reproduce the lighting up through shaking, and its not much that is needed:
    When laying flat on a table and putting something heavy on the table, thats enough.
    Need to search where else the trigger can be (some app?)

  • Hi Alessandro,
    Thanks for the instructions (I hadn't realised there was a new version), I've installed 2v12 and will see whether this solves things.

  • I have added a question for battery saving tips in the wiki.­iki

  • @Gordon Sorry I didn't know that the flasher is not recommended. I read about it somewhere and I thought it was the way to update!

  • @Alessandro it's fine - thanks for helping out! The firmware updater app got sorted properly a few weeks ago, and it's just a bit easier and safer (especially with recent iOS versions having issues with NRF Connect)

    @HughB thanks!

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Bangle 2 battery only lasting 1 or 2 days

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